maandag 1 april 2013

Getting the bike

With my front wheel almost finished, I urgently needed a bike to use it.

Found it

I found a beautiful 2010 DOHC R 1200 GS.
The previous owner had driven 23811 km on it within 9 months or so. The bike had every acronym that BMW had to offer!

  • ABS: Stopping without skidding
  • ASC: Accellerating without skidding
  • ESA: Electronic Suspension Adjustment
  • RDC: Tire pressure monitoring
  • LED: Turn signals and tail lights

The color is 988 Dark Slate Metallic Matt (Schieferdunkel Metallic Matt in the original German nomenclature), a nice matte color between gray and anthracite. I believe this was actually a 2008 color, but apparently the buyer liked this color so much, he ordered the panels for this 2010 bike.

1200 GS
After the test ride

Bought it

I had the dealer fit some extra features:
  • GSA Beak extension
  • GSA Footpegs and break pedal
  • GSA Cylinder caps
  • Touratech thingy around the cockpit clocks that contains:
    • 12 V BMW socket
    • 12 V Car cigar(ette) lighter socket (to plug in a USB converter)
When I got the bike, I made a 200 km ride through the country that same day!

Modified it

The R 1200 GS is a lovely machine. The only thing bad about it is the windscreen. The person who invented motorcycle windscreens should have been fired for even thinking about it! The turbulence from the top edge causes unbearable buffetting on my helmet! The 2007 GS I had had a Wunderlich FlowJet which let the turbulence hit my chest in stead of my helmet. Another option could have been the Slipscreen. This time, I thought I would try something else: From my previous GS, I still had a windscreen sitting in the attic. I thought it would be nice to chop the windscreen.

The first attempt was to shorten it 10 cm (4 inch). After a test drive, I noticed some improvement, but I needed even less noise. After removing another 7 cm (almost 3 inch). Almost right! 3 more cm did the trick. Riding the bike sitting down now produces just a smigin more noise than standing up! I removed more than half the hight of the screen! This solution is even better than the FlowJet that I had on my previous GS, because it is wider and removes some of the air pressure on my chest.

Chopped windscreen

Also done the following upgrades:

  • I need a spoked rear wheel to match my spoked 21 inch front wheel.
  • BMW Engine Protection. This protects the engine and exhaust pipes.
  • Kahedo comfortable seat.

I am already working on a 21 inch front wheel, but there are more changes that I am considering:

  • Use pre-2008 handlebars, as they are some 5 cm higher than the standard post-2008 handlebars. That would make riding that much easier when standing up!
  • Carbon 'boomerang' side protectors. The aluminium ones really do not fit the dark bike.
  • Crash bars
  • Oil cooler protection
  • Head light protection
  • Adventure style luggage cases.

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